• New / MSME Entrepreneurs may not afford use of latest ultramodern technology related to Analytical, Manufacturing , R & D And Marketing due to budgetary limitations.
  • New / MSME Entrepreneurs may encounter difficulties in facility / equipment up gradation and automation for enhancing the capacities, due to heavy investment requirements for adopting latest technologies and the obsolescence cost involved for such changes.
  • Cannot establish competitive aggressive marketing network as compared to big players.
  • Due to lower scale of activities & automation, the manufacturing cost is on higher side resulting in lower profit margins.
  • Complete In-house testing, especially in the areas of Microbiology, Instrumentation & stability may be unaffordable due to lower scale of activities.
  • New Product development & Continuous Quality Improvement may not be affordable due to heavy investments and operating costs requirement of Research and Development activities.
  • Market expansion may be difficult due to heavy costs involved in logistics & distribution activities.
  • People competencies development, which is backbone of efficient, compliant & cost effective operations, may not be affordable due to limitations in earning of desired level of profits.
  • New / MSME Entrepreneurs may not have the advantage of bargaining power in the procurement activity due to lower scale of operations, leading to minimising the profits.

Services Available

Public Testing Laboratory

Public Testing laboratories are being set up to provide all kinds of analytical Support including Microbiology, Stability, Chemical & Instrumentation.



Contract Manufacturing facility for Tablets, Capsules, & Cream is being set up for sporting client’s requirements.

R & D

Research and development laboratories are being set up to cater to the requirements of product development, packaging development, formulation development, Troubleshooting, & Regulatory submission documentation.

Procurement & Logistic 


Logistic & Procurement services will be made available to suite the requirements of our clients.