The most common tablet manufacturing process techniques are wet granulation, dry granulation, direct compression, blistering and packaging


Granulation process for tablets manufacturing process involves 2 types:

Wet Granulation

Rapid mixer granulator Make - SSPM

Fluidised Bed Dryer Make - SSPM

Dry Granulation

Roll Compactor

Octagonal blender - 2000 Ltr


Compression machine Make - Accura Press IV


Auto-coater Make- SSPM

Blister Packing: Alu-Alu, Alu-PVC & Alu PVDC

The machines are operated by experts who make sure everything works properly. These machines help in packaging tablets quickly and accurately, making sure they are safe and protected.

Blister packing machine Make - Pharma Packages Model-PPC-300 SUPERFB